Friday, October 14, 2011

the reason why

 this is my journey in life 
the time cant get back to orginal position
i feel so sad because it my 1st time 
i lose the person who are always encourage me in doing things
and tell me what should and shouldn't i do..

       this is my heartbeat 

although im not his close grandaughter but i still cant sleep well 
and i cant still accept that my granpa are passed away.
almost a week i cry until today..
i lose my spirit to face the world
the 'talkactive liesha" doesnt exit anymore
i came out with diferent personality 
and always hope that the time can get back
only 'kain pelekat" become my pillow everyday.
i miss him a lot
thursday,18 oct 2011 and 5.20 pm
always in my mind..
when i told my mom  that i cant accept my granpa are passed away
my mom  told me : yang pergi tetap pergi tp kenapa setiap kali teringatkan atok 
hati ni rasa perit..'
only yassin become a link between us
atok,adik nk atokkkkkkkkk~~~